Monday, July 9, 2007

Sustainability Taught In a Fun Way

Photos of "Solar Day" at SPG Childcare (Shaughnessy Point Grey Out of School Childcare Services). The Mystery Solar Powered Device (not shown here - its a secret device) was built by each of these kids.

They also created parabolic sun-mirrors to speed up solar-charged Clap-Clap Bug Racers.

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SPG kids and staff saw the world's first Revived Battery electric pickup truck. One even plugged in the power cord into the pickup, to experience loading an electric vehicle with 'gas', in this case, clean hydro-sourced electricity. This special electric vehicles costs only 30 cents a day to operate, include the cost of battery replacement. It is the cheapest pickup truck to run, and it uses discarded batteries, too.

Martin, Rob, and Robyn (from the Solar Power Roadshow) thank the staff at SPG Childcare for thinking of the planet -- Dr. Jim Hansen (U.S. chief climatologist) says we have a 10-year window to save this planet.

There are 30 different hands-on edu-fun activities presented by Solar Power Roadshow at 150 different festivals, community centres, country fairs, museums, schools, science centres, and private parties every year.

"Anybody can make sustainable energy" -- taught in a fun way.

Email contact for Solar Power Roadshow:
SolarPowerRoadshow {at} Yahoo {dot} com

Questions? New Tel. Contact:

6 0 4 - 5 1 2 - 9 5 6 7

The Solar Power Roadshow' Mission Statement

"Anybody Can Make Energy"

Energy is the biggest human endeavor and the largest industry on Earth. It is also the root cause of most of our conflicts and precarious climate change.

The Roadshow preaches, and practices, in an edu-fun way, that clean, renewable energy sources can be made by anyone, with methods and devices that are not generally known to the public. Let alone kids.


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